Student Success Stories

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Dreams always come true when you believe in them.I had decided to make a career as a cabin crew early in life, and Spice Star Academy fueled that fire. Out of many good things, one thing that really worked for me was the fact, that we were not expected to be perfect from day one. In fact we were groomed and nurtured each day.The 6-month training programme worked wonders for me and my colleagues. We all are now a bunch of confident, young professionals. Our mentors have been the biggest role models and have helped each of us on every step of the way. I wish luck to all those joining the Academy, you shall fly here on!

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Leesha Khelkar

Joining the Academy has been one of the best decision of my life. Not only did I get to chase my dreams but I also learnt a lot about other aspects of life. The infectious energy of the trainers, helped us transform ourselves into more confident individuals. The journey so far has been tremendous and I am confident that it will be even better in the coming years. I wish the best to everyone joining the Academy. Your life will go upward here on!

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Lavish Tahlani

My journey with Spice Star Academy has been beyond beautiful. As a confused 18 year old, I was standing at a point where every career decision was critical. Luckily, my father came across an advertisement in the newspaper about Spice Star Academy. It just fitted the bill perfectly – a career and a professional degree to broaden my horizons. After joining the academy, there has been no looking back. We learnt from the best,classroom teaching was filled with real experiences. My dream of meeting new people and traveling to new places got fulfilled. I am grateful to Spice Star for giving me this opportunity to enhance my capabilities and achieve my dreams. To those thinking of making a career as a cabin crew, this is the place.

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Ankit Kashyap

My family has always been inclined towards education. After evaluating options we took the decision of applying to Spice Star Academy as it offers the perfect blend of education and passion. I am not a conventional learner, but the teachers at the Academy made learning so easy and interesting for us. My flying experience has been next to none. I love this life. I love meeting new people on board and at the same time I have a realization of the confidence entrusted in me. I thank Spice Star Academy for helping me achieve my dreams. And wish the best to all future candidates.

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Vivek Shukla

Spice Star Academy is a dream platform for all those who are pursuing to make a career in Aviation. I was always inclined towards this field and Spice Star gave me the edge. Although I was not very confident on the day of my interview, but with the support of our teachers, mentors here I discovered a new me. The job guarantee is an absolute truth and after completing my In-flight certificate course I am working as a cabin crew. It has been a dream run so far. Coming from a business family, I only had this opportunity to prove myself. And Spice Star did not let me down. I owe my success to them and recommend it to every dream chaser. All the best. It is your time to fly now.

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I am a Delhi girl and I had decided very early in life to become an air hostess. Joining the Academy was a step closer to my dream career. And after joining the Academy, I realized that a lot of hard work goes into becoming a cabin crew. Every day is like living dream when at the Academy. From world-class facilities to the best trainers, there is everything one could as for. The entire package of the course programme me is so well-crafted. We got what we were promised. A high-flying career the day we joined. There is so much positivity around that it reflects in our personality now. I am now living my dream of flying and it puts a smile on my face each and every day. I wish luck to all those joining or planning to join the Academy. This place will give you the confidence to do the best.